Learn to Skate 5 Week Program

Learn to Skate 5 Week Program

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Location - Rosedale United Church, 159 Roxborough Dr, Toronto (GYMNASIUM)

Progressively building upon the skills learned each class, this 5 week program provides an in depth breakdown of basic skating skills. Every week we will do a deep dive into a skill and allow for plenty of questions, time to practice each drill, and more direct feedback to your development. This program is intended for skaters who can stand on their skates with enough confidence to practice safely.

(We recommend first time skaters try a 1 hour fundamental class if they’d like to get a sense of how the lessons are run, however it is NOT MANDATORY!)

We offer rental skates and safety pads during our lessons! If you require gear please follow this link RENTAL and lets get skating!

Week 1 Topics

  • Safety gear and skate anatomy - wearing your gear properly and knowing the different parts of your skates. 
  • Balance and footwork - proper posture, safe falling, standing up, walking, side-to-side, transferring weight. 
  • Stopping - bubbles, plow stops, balancing on one foot, t-stops 

Week 2 Topics 

  • Recap of week one - proper posture, falling safely, bubbles, plow stop
  •  Striding - how to stand while in skates, where to look, breaking down the elements of a strong, stable stride.
  • Starting edge work - transferring weight while moving, turning using different edges, one footed balance, stationary bubbles. 

Week 3 Topics 

  • Recap of week two - bubbles, stops, practice strides, maintaining strong posture and balance. 
  • Edges - practice emphasizing different sides, c-cuts, one footed edges.
  • Beginning transitions - stepping open and closed, practice placing weight on heels and toes. 
  • Beginning backwards skating - stationary bubbles (back and forth). 

Week 4 Topics 

  • Recap of week three - edges, transferring weight, stepping into transitions
  • Skating backwards - backwards bubbles, looking backwards, edges, backwards plow stop. 
  • Transitioning - speeding up the steps, practicing pivoting, opposite side practice, front to back and back to front. 

Week 5 Topics 

  • Recap of week four - skating backwards, edges, transitioning both directions.
  • Merging skills - backwards skating, transitions and stopping all integrated together
  • Chance for specific skill - particular skills which skaters want to learn will be gone over here, higher level techniques. 
  • Moving forward - variations and level up techniques for skaters to take with them after the class to continue their skate journey. 


*No rain dates/reschedule available for this program 

We plan on expanding our list of classes as we grow, including kid focused programming but currently all classes have a minimum age requirement of 14.